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Office real estate
Rent invoiving

Rent invoicing

Rent invoiving

Always invoice the exact amount based on your contract data. Plus, easily export invoices directly to your accounting software to avoid double encoding.

Managing contract terminations

Termination of the lease with Smovin

Never forget the break periods of your leases, Smovin warns you before the start of the notice period.

Termination of the lease with Smovin
Indexations in Smovin

Automatic rent indexation

Indexations in Smovin

Program your rent indexation in advance, based on the frequency and index of your choice.

Re-invoicing of charges

Rebilling of expenses

Easily import all your purchase invoices straight from your accounting software.

Then effortlessly re-bill these costs to your tenants according to their period of occupancy and their VAT liability.

Rebilling of expenses

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Dashboard and reports

Whenever you need, quickly consult your activity dashboard, general income or expense reports.

Track unpaid bills

Thanks to the automatic synchronisation between Smovin and your bank accounts, never miss another payment! React immediately or schedule reminders in advance.


Save the contact information of your tenants and their representatives in the address book. Easily communicate with them by SMS, email, letter or registered letter.

Space management

Smoothly manage your different office spaces and add or remove parking spaces at any moment.