Keep visibility on the rents collected in real time

No need to go through your accounts or import CODA files into a tool. Thanks to a secure bank connection, Smovin allows you to see incoming payments to your accounts at any time.

Keep visibility on the rents collected in real time​
Late payements

Identify your tenants' unpaid rent

Thanks to an automatic reconciliation of tenant payments to the corresponding contracts, unpaid bills are identified directly. 

Send reminders in a few clicks or in an automated way

If you have identified late payments, it’s time to take action to rectify the situation as soon as possible. With our pre-written communications, you send a reminder via SMS, email, mail or registered mail in just a few clicks. 

You can also set Smovin to send 1st reminders, 2ᵉ reminders and formal notices automatically after the time you determine.  

Late payment
Keep track of reminders

Keep track of sent reminders

Keep track of reminders

In most cases, a payment reminder will be enough to regularize the situation. However, you are not always protected from tenants who no longer pay their rent.

A legal action may be necessary and to build up the file, proof of reminders sent is essential as well as the details of the unpaid rent.

Smovin centralizes all the communication history with your tenants as well as the details of the balance.

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