Communicate with your tenants in a few clicks

Tenants communication

Thanks to Smovin, all necessary communications are pre-drafted and arrive in your tasks at each deadline. They are sent directly via the platform (SMS, email, letter or registered letter), so you don’t even have to go to the post office!

You can also send personalized communications to all the tenants in a building at once.

Tenants communication
Automate communications

Fully automate your communications

Automate communications

Do you have a lot of properties and prefer to automate everything so you don’t have to take any action? 

Configure the tool to send payment reminders, indexations and/or receipts automatically. After activation, the communications will be sent without your intervention.

Types of communications

speakerphone reminding to pay the rents

Rent reminders and formal notices

Automatic indexing

Notification of rent indexation

Statement of charges

Charge settlement for each tenant

Termination of contracts

Termination of contracts 

Personalized communications

Customized communications

Rent invoices

Rent invoices to your pro tenants

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