Frequently asked questions

The essentials

Smovin is a powerful and intuitive property management software, that brings visiblity, control and automation to real estate investors – regardless of their portfolio (e.g. residential, retail, offices). Automatic verification of payments by bank connection, accounting synchronisation, centralised data: everything on one flexible and intuitive platform that fosters easy collaboration with teams and requires zero training.

By streamlining property management tasks and automating payment tracking, private and business investors can focus on what really matters to them.

Smovin automates property management administrative and financial tasks, providing a powerful platform tailor-made for private and professional investors to better manage their real estate.

This includes replacing Excel spreadsheets and paper workbooks to save time, avoid human errors and collaborating more easily with your accountant or team.

Smovin offers automated rent tracking (e.g. late payments, indexations, deadline reminders), data centralisation (e.g. contract details, communications history, address book) and accounting integrations (e.g. charges regularisation, rent invoices).

Smovin works via a connection to your bank account which allows the platform to automatically verify payments made to your account. This connection is fully compliant with the rules of PSD2 (a European directive that, with client consent, permits data exchange between banks and external services, like Smovin). Employing this technology, allows you to safely and securely give Smovin permission to consult your transactions for the application.

Yes, you can use the application directly through your computer, but also your tablet and/or smartphone. The mobile application is not downloadable through the Apple Store or Play Store, but can be opened directly in your browser (

The security of your date is a priority at Smovin. Data owned by the client and hosted on Smovin (e.g. tenants, contracts, financial information) are property of the client. Smovin keeps this data strictly confidential and, apart from technical necessities, makes no copies of the data nor uses it in any other manner than the original intent. Any personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment in an encrypted version (SSL).

Our databases and servers are hosted and maintained by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are equipped with a software firewall. Smovin is committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technology to ensure the confidentiality of transactions. See our full privacy policy to learn more.

Using Smovin

Nothing is more simple than getting started with Smovin. Just go to

See also our video on how to create your Smovin account.

Smovin is currently set up to manage real estate properties in Belgium and France. The platform is adapted to the legislations of both countries.

Yes, Smovin integrates perfectly with the majority of accounting tools (Exact Online, BOB50, Winbooks, Odoo, Horus, etc).

Our support team is available from Monday to Friday 8am to 16.30pm (CET).