Residential properties

Do you rent buildings, flats, houses, shared housing or studios? Smovin is made for you!


Immediately identify unpaid bills

Thanks to the automatic synchronisation between Smovin and your bank accounts, never miss another payment! React immediately or schedule reminders in advance.

Due date notices and rent receipts

Sent of quittance

Send automatic due date notices and rent receipt communications to your tenants.

Sent of quittance
Indexations in Smovin

Automatic rent indexation

Indexations in Smovin

Stop losing potential revenue: Smovin calculates the indexed rent and prepares the communication to the tenant.

Regularise utilities and charges

statement of charges

Easily add the latest numbers from your counters and regularise your charges based on real consumption.

statement of charges

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Centralized data and archives

Benefit from a complete view of your investments. Keep track of your history and archives for payments, communications, contracts and other documents.

Tasks and maintenance

Never forget the boiler maintenance, thanks to our recurring personal tasks feature.

Communications and address book​

With a centralized address book, easily communicate with your tenants and service providers.

Dashboard and reports

At any time, consult your activity dashboard or general revenue or expense reports.